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10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

You’ve spent a lot of time preparing your website and now it is time to get some visitors to come, so I prepared 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast, for you.

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  • How do I get traffic to my website fast?
  • Free website traffic
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Have you ever spent time typing random phrases like those above into Google in an effort to find traffic for your website?

Well, I am pretty sure you’re not alone.

After spending hours building a website, filling it with great content, working on SEO elements, optimizing everything you can think of, you’re probably ready to start looking for ways to get people to visit the content you’ve spent so much time working on.

With this in mind I thought I would do a few of those searches for you and list some of the results I’ve found here.


1 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Start with the things you can control

  • Put your website address on your business cards
  • Put your website address on all of your business stationery
  • Add your website to your email signature
    (make sure it is applied to new messages, replies and forwards)
  • Put your website address on your business vehicle(s)
  • Add a link to any website you create, back to your new website
  • Pin a notice with rip-off tags to the message board in your local supermarket

Just put your website address on anything and everything that gets in front of people.


2 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Add your website to search engines and directories

It is assumed that Google is the only place you need your website to be found, because everyone uses Google, right?

While getting noticed by Google is pure gold, there are other places you can post your website that have value and in some cases these will also help get you noticed by Google.

The following is a list of some search engines and directory submission pages which may help you get some exposure and traffic to your website. Listing your site in some of these directories may also help you be seen in Google.

  • Bing
    This is Microsoft’s answer to Google and with millions of new PCs and devices having their default search set to, it would be unwise to overlook them as a major search engine.
  • dmoz
    As a hierarchically arranged directory of websites, dmoz carries a lot of clout with other major search engines like Google and Bing. If you can get your website listed in dmoz, most major search engines will pick you up.
  • Google
    This link will redirect you to Google’s webmaster tools, where you will find their submission information.
  • Internet Archive
    The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization, building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form, just like a paper library. You can submit website and electronic documents here for prosperity.
  • Jayde
    The internet’s largest B2B Search Engine and one of the web’s oldest business directories. Jayde was founded in 1996 and is an entirely human reviewed directory with a lightning fast search.
  • Scrub The Web
    A search engine which has a lot of SEO related tools and a mission to help people create better search engine optimized websites (yes a search engine that will help you with SEO).
  • Technorati blog directory
    A leading blog search engine and directory, indexes more than a million blogs.
  • Yahoo
    Yahoo started out as a hierarchically categorized web directory and although I believe their search results come from these days, you can still submit a website to the directory. This is a great place to start your search for Yahoo! submissions.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it is a list of the only websites I am prepared to recommend without further research. If you know of any more High Quality options I can include, please use the contact form above to send me a link.


3 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Social Media

A big part of what drives search these days is the social signals sent out from Social Media websites linking to posts and pages within websites. Being mentioned in social media circles can help you get noticed by search engines, increasing the authority and ranking of your website (so they say).

The following social media sites are the ones I post links to my article in as soon as I have published them.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of Social Media websites and I have chosen to concentrate on this small group of quality platforms. If you would like to find more, just visit Google and do a search for “List of Social Media websites” and you will find plenty more.


4 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Forum Posting

I have to admit that I personally didn’t understand how powerful forum posting can be, but during the past month I have been responding with answers to questions in one forum in particular and it has been delivering me quite a few visitors every day.

Just about any topic or niche you can think of has a forum where people meet, share and exchange topical information with each other.

Usually within a forum you are able to set up a profile, which often includes a signature you can use to place information you would like other people to see about you (name, website address, a catch phrase, etc.) and the more you post within the forum, the more your signature and profile will be seen.

Although this is a great way to get attention for your website, I will warn you that it should not be abused. If you have nothing to contribute of value, then don’t post anything, because you don’t want people to hunt you down for being a pest, you want them to visit you because you contribute things of great value.

There are so many forums that I am not going to list any here, but what I will do is provide some links to forum directories where you can find forums relating to your niche or topic.

One thing I want to mention in closing is that forums are a great place to meet people and share information, however they are also visited by people who may not have such honorable intentions.

Please keep this in mind and if you’re approached by people within the forum don’t be alarmed, but do be cautious, especially if they start asking you for personal information or money.


5 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Guest Blogging

Similar to forum posting, guest blogging can get links back to your website in the form of Author credits, in exchange for contributing articles or posts.

If you know someone with a similar interest to your own, who has a blog or a website, you might like to ask them if they will allow you to write an article or post for them which would be of interest to their readers.

Alternatively, if you don’t know anyone who has a website or blog relating to your topic or niche, you could do a search for some in Google and approach the owner to see if they would be interested in having you post valuable info for them as a guest Author.

A couple of things you will need to keep in mind:

You are a guest and you want your post to be seen and perceived to have high value. Put an effort in to making a great first impression and you might be invited back, but if you write just for the sake of getting a link back to your website, you may not even get your post published (first impressions count and you want yours to be a good one).

Whatever you post, make sure it is on topic. There are a few things that will stop a site owner from posting your article and towards the top of the list is poorly constructed and off topic content. They want their readers to come back and most people would prefer to write their own content, than fill their website full of crap.

This is a list of blog directories, where you will find a wide variety of niche specific and topical blogs:

I think these blog directories cover most mainstream topics and niches, however I am always happy to add more if you would like to use the contact form in this website to make a suggestion.


6 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you have the budget to support an advertising campaign, there are not many ways you can drive traffic to your website faster than you can with pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Pay Per Click does exactly what it says it will do.
It is a way for you to place advertisements on major websites and pay only for the clicks (visitors) they send through to your website.

I have included only three PPC networks here for you to consider, mainly because I have used these and know that each can work for you, if used correctly.

In addition to the three above, there are many cheap second tier traffic and advertising options available, however I want to warn you to use caution when buying cheap PPC advertising.

A lot of cheap website traffic traffic, often sold as a bundle of clicks, is machine generated and does nothing other than increase the number of hits to your website, and I can tell you from first hand experience that this ends in no enquiry or sales.


7 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Press Releases

Although it is not something I use often, press releases can generate a lot of traffic fast. If you’re delivering news worthy information, consider using a press release to spread the word in your local community or across the globe.

The following website will allow you to place press releases with them for distribution and announcement to media and news agencies around the globe:

Most websites offering to distribute your press releases will offer a free and a paid service and I can tell you from experience that if you want the best results, pay for them. They will return your investment over and over again.


8 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Offline Marketing

If you’re looking for local people to connect with, then sometimes it is worth going offline and into your local market place to get attention for your website.

I’ve included some suggestions below for how you can do this:

  • Advertise in the local press – I believe they still print papers in some cities – lol
  • Flyer or brochure distribution – Deliver to letterboxes or hand out at an event in your local city
  • Letters, invoices and communications – If you write anything, distribute or print information then make sure it has your website address printed on it somewhere
  • Packaging – Make sure that if you send anything via mail or deliver via a courier that your package has your website address on it
  • Pin up a notice in your local shopping center – You can add tear off strips on the bottom for people to take away with them
  • Seminars – Getting people to gather together for a presentation of your products and services is a great way to generate business, however when they leave make sure they have something to take with them that has your website address on it
  • Sponsor events, sports teams and alike – Make sure they will allow you to place a banner or give advertising to the visitors or members
  • Souvenirs & promotional items – Think mugs, t-shirts and any novelty you might give to a potential customer and put your logo and website address on it
  • Uniforms – Most companies print their logo on their uniforms, however you will get even more mileage from your branding if you can include your website address somewhere on your uniforms as well

Sit and think for a while about all the things you could print your website address on and I am sure you will come up with a ton of ideas I haven’t thought of.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and I am sure you can add to it with a little thought and even a quick search in Google.


9 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Networking & meet up events

When businesses want to meet other businesses in their local area they can often attend what are known as networking or meet-up events. At these events it is common practice for people to exchange business information and contact details.

This practice can extend to social groups, community organizations and business specific networking groups, where business people connect with one another for the purpose of building relationships that lead to doing business with one another.

This is a small list of the internationally recognized groups I know of that meet on an ongoing basis:

This is just a small selection of the international groups I could think of, however you will find more in your local community by searching Google for phrases like “networking groups” or “meetup groups” or “business groups” or “chamber of commerce groups” and similar phrases.

If you attend a meeting with any groups, be prepared.

Bring business cards, as they are like your mobile billboards which you can give to anyone, at any time.

Practice your Elevator Pitch.

An Elevator Pitch is the response you give to someone asking the question “what do you do?” and it is usually delivered in the time you have with a person in an elevator (10 to 20 seconds max).

Being able to answer this question fast, accurately and without confusion is something that needs practice, so make sure you are well prepared, because in these environments you will be using your Elevator Pitch often.

Once again, make sure your business card has your website address on it and if your website is a big part of your business, make sure you work it into your Elevator Pitch.



10 of 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Classified websites

You can find classified websites locally and internationally and they are a great place to post advertising for your business, which can result in visitors to your website.

Some of the most well know classified websites include:

These websites are popping up all over the place and many are available with an emphasis on local ads being delivered to local people.

If you want to find more classified websites, then do a search in Google for “Classified websites” or “free classifieds” and I am sure you will find plenty.

One thing you need to do when visiting these websites is find an appropriate category and write a sensible advertisement.

Looking at the terms of service and making sure your post is compliant with the website’s rules will make it easier for your post to be approved or reduce the chances of it being removed.


Summary / Closing

There are so many ways for you to drive traffic and visitors to your website and if you want even more ways, you will have to do a little research of your own. Use your imagination when searching Google for common search phrases relating to traffic generation and if you ask Google the right questions, it will deliver plenty of answers every time.

The problem I see is not that people cannot find ways to promote, it is either that they don’t have time to do it all or they just don’t take action and do it at all.

When I make a new post in Home Business Learner I usually do the following:

  • Share the post on social networks
  • Makes a short post in a couple of other blogs, linking back to the post I’ve made in Home Business Learner
  • Update my signature in some forums I am a member of (I try to keep the latest post in my signature)
  • I share across multiple networks and encourage others to share also

In addition to this I usually comment within some forums a few times each week, I join in on conversations I can add value to and I try to be seen doing the same within the internet marketing community I work in via Forums and various groups.

Website promotion and traffic generation works best when you do it consistently, so try to do a little every day and you will soon start to see an increase in the number of people visiting your website.

I hope the 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast has added some value to your day, and if it has I would like to ask that you share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

Best wishes and bye for now.

Gordon Russell
Just a Home Business Learner

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