Are You Risking A Law Suit?


Home Business Learner has been developed by Gordon Russell as a resource for people wanting to start, grow or enhance a home based business.

Gordon produces, collects, curates and post information he believes is important or will be interesting to small business owners, with an emphasis placed on information specific to building an online business.

General business guidance is also included in some sections to enhance the chances of visitors complying with statutory requirements, however it is recommended that you seek professional advice from a local adviser before beginning any business.

Home Business Learner as a business resource, attempts to provide accurate information, however it should not be used as an alternative to professional advice (make sure you get an opinion from an accountant, lawyer, business consultant etc).

From time to time, financial examples may be used within this website. Please understand that these are just examples and should not be taken as being achievable by all or anyone in particular. Your results will be dependent on your ability to follow instructions, use the most appropriate tools and take action on any suggestion being made. You must consider all factors, including the current market conditions and the changing nature of some platforms, as these may affect results substantially.

Please seek professional advice, as No results are being guaranteed for any of the information being presented withing this or any associated website.

  • Gordon Russell

    I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for doing business online. Since developing my first website in 1996 I have worked on projects large and small, have ridden the highs and experienced what it is like to be broke again. Home Business Learner is my website, where I share my almost 20 years of business and online marketing experience with you. Gordon Russell
Are You Risking A Law Suit?

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