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Excellence Is A Habit I Am Going After

Excellence Is A Habit I Am Going After

As I pondered the quote above by Aristotle, I realized that what he is say is that excellence is a habit.

What got me thinking even more was a plan I put in place and am sitting here now working on, which is setting up my week better than it has been for a long time. Last week I didn’t achieve the goals I set to publish an article each day, a motivational quote each day and add some valuable tools to this website and there was a good reason for it.

When I perform the “Look In The Mirror” exercise I have spoken about in other articles, I found that I was not allocating specific time to my writing, research and the creation of the content I wanted to add to the website. This week things have begun differently, with time being allocated to the creation of the content as a priority for the first day of the week.

This week I have already created most of the daily motivational posts, scheduled them to be released on the days I want them to go live and by the time I have finished this session tonight, the whole of the next week will be ready to go.

This is something I have scheduled to happen every week now and I will work to form the habit of logging out of all things disruptive and write to my hearts content until I have finished every post for the week ahead.

Excellence is a habit I want to form, mainly because it is already showing up that working in such a structured way will give me more personal time this week. In the past I often sat here for long hours surfing the internet, looking for the next thing I could do to make a few dollars and usually ending with me being so confused, overwhelmed and distracted, that nothing got done at all.

As I form these new habits, based on a plan and the time being set aside to execute the plan, I can see for the first time in a long time, no need to spend my life tied to a PC.

Excellence Is A Habit I Am Going After

Excellence Is A Habit I am going after with both hands, because the better planned I am, the more concentrated my time spent on working is, the more time I will be able to spend with my family doing the things I want to do.

Quote for today:

We are what we repeatedly do;
excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


Hope you can see some sense in this post, because I am going to leverage it all the way to the bank.

Best wishes and by for now.


Gordon Russell
Just a Home Business Learner

PS: The more time I spend working on writing these posts, the more pumped up I am by the wisdom being delivered by the authors of the quotes. I would encourage you to spend more time with positive people, feeding your mind with the infinite wisdom or wise company and great advisers.

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Are You Risking A Law Suit?

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