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Focus and Consistency Key To Building Your Home Business

Focus and Consistency Key To Building Your Home Business

The School Of Hard Knocks can be a valuable teacher, but the lessons are often expensive. I’ve paid a high price at times for the mistakes I’ve made and with that in mind I happily share what I’ve learned here, so my readers can avoid putting themselves and their family through the things I and my family have been through.

In recent months my own life has gone full circle and I am now doing exactly what I was doing 4 years ago (writing for my own niche blog). My first niche blog was in a popular niche (lotto & lotteries) and I grew a list of 2,600 subscribers in the first month alone. Although the website itself made some good money from Adsense advertising and affiliate product placements, the list was of little value to me, because I rarely sent messages to the list.

Call me stupid, but it seemed inappropriate for me to write for and send mail to a list of people in a niche that I had no interest in, especially as I never wanted to sell lottery and gambling related products (the easiest things to sell people within this niche), so I didn’t do it. Instead I chose to sell the website and move on to the next bright shiny object that got in my way.

In hindsight a shift in niche / topic was all I needed and the list I could have built over the past 4 years would have been incredibly valuable.

Believe it or not, this article is not about me, my website or my growing list of followers, it is about “Focus and Consistency”.

Over the past month I’ve written articles for or made posts in on most week days. With focus and consistency I have managed to lay a solid foundation for a website of value, with content people are telling me is worth coming back for and my list is growing, seemingly because of my focus and consistency.

One thing I’ve learned from internet marketers with great information to share is that focus and consistency are the lifeblood of their business and I shake my head in disbelief at times when I think about how much better we could have lived in recent years, if only I had applied these principals sooner.

So with the 20/20 vision of hindsight behind me, I would like to share some suggestions with anyone struggling to find their place in the internet marketing world.


STOP Trying To Get Rich Quick

A question I see asked often in internet marketing forums and groups, goes a little like this:

“I’ve have been doing internet marketing for X years and during that time I have tried everything (the statement is often followed by a list of things they have tried), but have made very little or no money. What can I do to make this internet marketing thing work for me?”

Although I have felt like that myself at times, I have always known the answer to this question is “focus and consistency.” Without focus and consistency we wander from one bright idea to another, rarely completing enough of the tasks needed, to get the results we want.

Many internet marketers give up just before striking the gold they are looking for, because the instant rewards they expect don’t materialize, so the biggest gift I can give you here is to say, keep digging, keep on keeping on and push with focus and consistency towards the results you want and deserve.

If you enjoy doing something, then learn more about it, become an authority on it and position yourself for the great things you’re striving for, because all great internet marketers have a vision for what it is they want to achieve, but they call on focus and consistency to carry them forward towards their goals.

BTW: It is often after the application of focus and consistency for a prolonged period of time that an internet marketer will rise to the top of their game suddenly, giving the appearance of overnight success. I know many people who have become wildly successful overnight, after working hard on learning and implementing fundamental steps for years before their overnight success.

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Best wishes and bye for now!


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Are You Risking A Law Suit?

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