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Free Tools Are Cool, But Having The Right Tools Affordably is Better

Free Tools Are Cool, But Having The Right Tools Affordably is Better

This post may not make me popular with some people because a lot of people think “Why would I want to pay for it, if I can get it for free?” and it embraces the use of big corporation tools. Yes, I know, we all apparently have to hate Microsoft, but I actually don’t, because a big part of my business relies on their tools, which are now more affordable than ever.

Many years ago I decided that I wanted the best tool for the job, rather than the cheapest tools I could find and although that is a grand plan, the high cost of using them become reality when I was broke and started working from home about four years ago.

I would often install a trial package and uninstall it again when the trial run out.
I would then install it again or another version, giving me the tools I wanted and for free.

One day I removed a Microsoft Office trial from my PC and found that I had used too many trials and it wouldn’t install again for me, because it had a hard limit on the number of times I could use a trial version of Office.

This left me scrambling for all the free options I could find, because a big part of my business was inside of Outlook (mail, calendar, tasks and more) and they all stopped working. I believe I lost 2 days of my time on that occasion just trying to get my data imported into another application, but even when I did it wasn’t the same, it didn’t have the integration between my most important tools like Outlook did.

I struggled with clumsy alternatives for about 12 months until one day I found out I could get the complete Microsoft office Suite for just $9.95 US per month. Boom! – It took me about Zero seconds to make my mind up on that one and I have been using that subscription for well over a year now.

With the subscription come some bonuses, including  a five user allowance, which meant I could put MS Office on up to four additional devices (PC, Mac & Tablets). The subscription also come with a monthly credit allowance for making telephone calls from Skype to land lines all around the world and 1TB of cloud based storage for each of the 5 users.

I am thinking that is pretty good value for $9.95 per month.

Once I had these important tools back I started looking at what other major software vendors offered software as a subscription and to my surprise I found that I could buy Adobe PhotoShop on a monthly subscription inexpensively as well, so I said goodbye to my old version of PhotoShop and upgraded immediately. When I purchased this subscription I was pleasantly surprised to find that it come with most of Adobe’s applications included in the one subscription price.

Links to the packages I have spoken about in this article.

Microsoft Office 365

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you’re looking for software tools to run your business there are now more affordable options than ever available and I would suggest looking for tools as a subscription. There are many benefits in subscription software, including the fact that most packages come with free upgrades (you always have access to the latest version).

That is all I have time for today.

Best wishes and bye for now.


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Are You Risking A Law Suit?

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