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Making Things Happen In Your Business –  Screw It, Let’s Do It!

Making Things Happen In Your Business – Screw It, Let’s Do It!

Known for being a major action taker, Sir Richard Branson was my motivation for this article. It began as a quote of the day, but has turn into a valuable life and business lesson (just my opinion).

Screw It,
Let’s Do It

Is the title of a book written by Sir Richard Branson

For the past 2 years I have had the Home Business Learner website at the point of being ready to launch on more than one occasion, but neglected to launch it. I was either unhappy with the content I had added or was afraid to publish it and step out into the public eye with a lot of information that was in my mind, just my opinion.

Well the day had to come and this week with 100% of the written content in the website being my own, I said “Screw It, Let’s Do It!” and launched Home Business Learner.

This article is not about me, but an observation I made in the past 24 hours which taught me a valuable lesson about making things happen, which is the path I have chosen to take from this point onward (yes, we have choices to make and the right choices will accelerate your business growth).

In recent years I have become somewhat complacent when approaching the development of new business, overly cautious would actually be a more appropriate descriptive. Whenever I have attempted to develop, launch or sell a product or service I’ve had it in the back of my mind that if I take on too much too fast I will let people down, not be able to deliver or complicate life beyond what I felt I could handle at that time.

There is however a danger in taking that approach and it should be quite obvious if I ask you the question “What is the opposite of having too much business?”.

When approaching some people about being an expert guest for Home Business Learner I thought I would put my best foot forward and approach the people I know first. In fact, I was about to approach only the two people I felt would be most likely to say yes and was going to wait for their response to my request before asking more, but then it dawned on me that when I had approached only a small number of people in the past , I got a small or poor result every time.

So I said “Screw It, Let’s Do It! and approached a bunch of people. The result was spectacular – we have a bunch of expert guests coming to soon, I didn’t get overwhelmed and I have to say I felt blessed to have so many people wanting to support me (thank you to the people who have responded so far).

It is a fundamental sales principal that if you contact more people you will make more sales and if you customize the pitch for each person and situation, you will have an even better chance of hitting their needs and making more sales. This applies to business and life on so many levels when you consider any negotiation as being no different than any other sales scenario.

More Action + Appropriate Targeting = More Rewards.

When I began approaching just two people I was setting myself up for a less than desirable result, because I want to deliver frequent interviews and the only way I am going to achieve that is to approach larger numbers of appropriately qualified individuals.


Leveraging the results

With everything I have said already in mind, I wanted to pursue a path that would bring a big result, so I didn’t stop at the people I wanted to interview, I also began approaching people in places where the type of people I want to speak to meet. I am talking about online groups, forums and specific websites and I secured permission to post in some valuable places (I am still to play that card, as the guest list is growing already).

What I have done so far has gained the approval of at least one influential person who has given permission for me to make a post to a group of relevant people asking for an interview. There are a lot of people in this group and that is what I call leveraging your results.

So the lesson in this part of the article is to LEVERAGE WHERE POSSIBLE by speaking to many people at once, rather than making individual approaches.

Think about this in online and offline scenarios, putting yourself in front of the most appropriate crowd to achieve your desired result. Some suggestions for where you can find leverage like this include:

  • Social media groups (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+etc)
  • Internet based forums
  • Webinars / seminars
  • Networking & meetup groups
  • Accountants, lawyers & consultants
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Local councils
  • Anywhere that your target audience congregates or meets

Think about where you would go to meet with like minded business people and get to know them, so you can play the leverage card as often as you need it.


Give it a Go! & The Law of averages

The Law of averages says that the more times you attempt to hit the ball, the more time you will actually strike it.

My brother for many years has used an example to explain the process of selling in simple terms, which goes a little like the following.

Imagine you want to meet a person of your sexual preference, so you stand outside of Kmart and as people of interest walk out the door you ask them for a date (my brother uses an alternative expletive, but I’ll keep it clean here). You are going to get a lot of rejections, you may even get your face slapped if you take his approach, but if you ask enough people, if you say “Screw It, Let’s Do It!” and put yourself in the game, you will eventually get a date.

Here comes leverage to this scenario.

If you are a man and you’re looking for a date, you’re going to enhance your chances by being clean shaven, well dressed, and prepared with a well practiced story to tell and a closing line. Going for the date up front might not be the best way to do this, so you might need to do a little qualifying up front before asking the big question.

Warning: If you’re thinking about hanging out in front of Kmart and asking for dates, be careful – you might get the attention of the boys in blue (the police) and you could end up getting that date, but with BUBBA in a cell at the local cop shop.

I think that is enough dating advice, but I will say that the leverage in this scenario will come from being well groomed, well prepared with a good story and even a way for screening out the real prospects from the suspects.

That is about all I have time for today as I have more content to prepare for other parts of the Home Business learner website.

I hope you got something from what I’ve shared with you here and I would like to ask a favour.

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Best wishes for today and Bye for now!

Gordon Russell
Just another Homie @ Home Business Learner





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Are You Risking A Law Suit?

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