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Tools For Internet Marketers

Tools For Internet Marketers

The workload of an Internet Marketer can be made a lot easier if they are using the right tools for the right job and the following tools will be useful for any serious about internet marketing.

Audacity:  (free download) An open source application used for editing & recording audio files.

AVG:  (free download) Free Anti-virus & anti-spyware.

BrowserShots:  (free online tool) View how your website looks in a variety of web browsers.

CamStudio:  (free download) Create screen capture video.

Camtasia Studio:  Powerful video production & screen capture video tool.

FileZilla:  (free download) Open source application used for uploading files to your website host.

GIMP:  (free download) Free alternative to Photoshop.

Kompozer:  (free download) A WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Open Office:  (free download) Open source office software Alternative.

Skype:  (free download) Invaluable application for making phone calls over the internet.

VLC Media Player:  (free download) Media player that reading and plays most audio and video formats.

Please feel free to send us your favorite collection of tools for inclusion, as we will be adding new tools to this section each week.

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Are You Risking A Law Suit?

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