Are You Risking A Law Suit?
Tough Love From A Really Cool Guy

Tough Love From A Really Cool Guy

As my mail box started to fill up with offers for a killer product that is being released today, I had a little fun with the people sending me their offers. Some had bonuses, some just buy from my link, but I treated them all the same.

They either fit into category A: This guy talks to me often and adds value to my life or B: This guy only sends me a message when he wants to sell stuff.

The guys in group A – Thank you – you add value to my life and the internet marketing community!

The guys in group B – I unsubscribed from your list today.

This got me to thinking about the guy with the product most were promoting and there are a couple of very good reason they are all sending his offer today.

1: It is a great product
2: The commission is good
3: The guy that made the product is a genius
4: The guy that made the product is an amazing man, who helps the community I choose to work in a lot.

Having a great product is something anyone should be proud of, but being an all round great guy and helping your community like he does is commendable and that is one of the reasons for me writing this article today.

The man I am talking about is Donald Wilson and about 2 years ago I applied for him to mentor me, one on one, and was rejected. I wasn’t rejected in a bad way, it was actually a bit of tough love on his behalf, because he didn’t want to take money from someone in a compromised position, like I was at the time.

The man is good at what he does, taking many people from six figures per year, to multiple six figures and even some to seven figures per year.

He is the real deal when it comes to mentors and coaches.

In my application I mentioned that if he let me be the one person he chose for one on one coaching (costing $10,000 at the time), I would borrow the money. It was a no brainer for me, because he was guaranteeing a $100,000 product or service as the return on my investment or I would get my money back.

The man has lots of integrity and offered me something a little less expensive, but without a guaranteed return, it was a risk beyond my affordability at the time. I had to pass it up.

For the past two years at least, I have been on Donald’s mailing list and I can without reservation say this guy is Group A, all the way. He doesn’t send offers often, but quite frequently sends case studies of real world campaigns that are working for him. He shows you step by step how he is creating successful campaigns and the results he is getting (in real time video, not from screen shots).

One of the things that is most impressive is the fact that he doesn’t leave out any of the details. He shows more detail in his free giveaway case studies than most people put into their paid learning packages. Just the facts and no fluff.

Well, today Donald has launched Ads Cracked Reloaded and as you can see by the banners on the side of this and every page in my website, I am supporting the product and I am doing so because he is someone worth knowing about.

I am not going to hit you with a hard sell that you need to buy his product, because it is expensive, but I would encourage you to take a look at his sales page because there is a massive value inside the sales page.

One more thing that you should pay attention to when looking at his sales page, is the format he uses, it is a high converting sales page which has taken over $100,000 worth of sale in the fist hour alone.

I watch people like Donald because they are masters of the internet marketing world and if you have no interest in his product, then the least you should do is try to get on his mailing list.

Donald’s products are not usually open for long because he either sells all positions available fast or shuts the doors shortly after launching his products. I would suggest taking a look soon if you want to see a real marketing expert in action.

In closing I would like to say that Donald’s product is exceptional. I have seen live results and testimonials all over the place from people he has been working with already, however I will not be buying this product.

I am simply supporting someone I know will look after my readers and does good things for the community.

The reason I won’t be buying is because I have a business plan and an agenda already.

I suggest that if you’re serious about building a business, you also get a business plan and an agenda. Ads Cracked Reloaded is a blueprint for anyone serious about wanting to start a home business, but has no business plan or agenda already, but take it on board only if your serious about making it work for you, like many of his student have done already.

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Looking forward to sharing some more with you soon.

Bye for now.


Gordon Russell
Just a Home Business Learner


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Are You Risking A Law Suit?

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  1. Similarly to Gordon, I have also been impressed with the level of detail that Don Wilson gives – even for no cost at all.

    If you check out his product you will see that he is having huge success with his campaigns and the good thing is that he is more than happy to show you (precisely) the way.

    If you don’t have a road map to make money online already, I would highly suggest having a look at this product.



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